Nothing is ever that simple.

The Grays

Little trouble in big mineshaft.

So night one is done though we left the evening mid adventure. I’d say for our first try at playing over skype using a Ustream feed for the gameboard things went off quite swimmingly. The was enough fun sidebars to still make it feel like college and except for a 10 min prob with my computer there were no glitches.

Of the five of us playing my wife (Mink) is the only newbie. The rolls just did not go her way and i must say i am proud of her because she took the perfect RPers stance of blaming it on the fact that UPS had not delivered her pink dice. Though at the end of the night she did profess to me that she did have fun and was looking forward to learning more.

The gameplay took some interesting turns. The main one being when instead of engaging an enemy Ilikan attacked the chain he was hanging from sending him on a 30 foot fall. Oddly enough it didn’t kill him. The battle went on and the enemy started climbing again stopping to use his second wind. In the last round of his climb needing only a 10 to scamper out and run away from the party a 1 came up and he fell to his death.

At the end of the adventure ill ask a player to give their characters thoughts on the happenings of the previous weeks just to give some in game idea of what is happening. But until next week may all your rolls be criticals hits.



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